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  1. Always make sure to print with some sort of support. Either PLA or PVA support works great. 3D printers are awesome, but, like I tell my students, we can't print on air ? Happy printing!
  2. In Ultimaker Cura, if you check the "generate support" box, it will give you options of which extruder to use. If you select extruder 1, your printer will print support with your PLA material that is also being used for the item you are printing. It works well and breaks off easily. There is no material swapping involved.
  3. Hey everyone, Sorry I didn't update like I said I would, but I thought this thread would just get buried. Since people are commenting still, I guess I'll come back. So, after my last post, I thought the error was gone. Nope. A couple days later, it happened again. It seems I was wrong about the network thing. Sorry about that. Aag, your print will continue not because of my advice, but because you turned off the flow sensor. I also tried this. Please be careful and watch your print. The PVA material may stop extruding properly, and your printer will just print air. This error only happens when I use PVA as support. If I use extruder 1 with build material support, it always works fine. I haven't found the exact source of the problem, but I have tried tweaking the feeder tension in both directions, and that hasn't changed anything. I haven't printed anything requiring support recently, but if I find anything else, I'll update. Again, sorry about the misinformation. Happy printing everyone!
  4. Hey everyone. Short version: My printer started working fine after I disconnected it from the network. If your printer is connected to a network, try disconnecting it for a quick fix. Longer version: I made an account just to reply to this post. I had the same exact issue with the error message and it pausing my print because of it. The printers we have are only a few weeks old and have been working perfectly up until about a week ago. One started throwing this error, but our second printer wasn't. I was trying to figure out what changed over the course of a night, and all of you talking about firmware upgrades made it click. A coworker hardwired one to our internal network. Immediately after that is when the issue started. I have since disconnected it, and there is no longer an issue. I'm not sure on the details of what was causing the network to cause this issue, but some setting somewhere was making the printer think it ran out of material. If I discover anything else, I'll update this post, but I thought I'd share this with all of you so it might put all of you on the right track to find the specific setting that triggers this error and to help anyone else frantically googling like I was. Best of luck to you all and happy printing!
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