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  1. Thank you @tinkergnome. Ill try and do some tests, hopefully its just the sensor.
  2. Again, to be clear, not installing any E3D hot ends, only the E3D Titan extruders. I have two UM2 hotends from Aliexpress and installed those to be compatible with the Mark2 upgrade. I have also included pictures of my setup for clarity. Everything works for a single nozzle setup in UltimakerMarlin, but not Mark2. Could it be as simple as installing a different temp sensor? If so, which is recommended. Here is what I got from Ponterface @tinkergnome. Thank you for your support. Connecting... start Printer is now online. echo:Marlin 1.0.0 echo: Last Updated: Oct 7 2
  3. I cant do anything after install the Mark2 Firmware. It immediately goes to the error and doesn't allow anything else.
  4. I have not changed the hot ends, just the extruders. All I have done is change the extruders and extended the z build volume to around 360mm. I input modified values into Ultimaker2Marlin with arduino and the machine works very well when I do. When I try and install any Mark 2 firmware after my initial modification I keep getting the mentioned error. I just want the expanded capabilities of the dual head. Everything is printed, assembled, and connected for the Mark 2 upgrade, including the official expansion board. Its just this error that keeps holding me back.
  5. No, I was able to print perfectly fine before. I did not compile firmware for the Mark 2. I just mentioned that I modified the Ultimaker2Marlin firmware as the instructions given online to replace the extruders for E3D Titian extruders. I also increased the Z_Max_Pos to accommodate mu custom case. So everything works perfectly fine when I manually modify it in arduino for Ultimaker2Marlin. When I try and install any version on the available Mark 2 firmware hex files, I get the previously mentioned error. The earlier 17.02 gives me Error - Stopped Temp sensor free Go to: Ultimaker.com/ER01 and
  6. Hello everyone, looking for some help. I have been trying to upgrade my custom Ultimaker 2 to a Mark 2. Everything is assembled and installed, including the expansion board. Though mo matter what version of Cura and Mark 2 Firmware I use, all that I keep getting is "Error - Stopped Temp sensor 2228 bytes free Go to: Ultimaker.com/ER01" I have used Cura 15.04.21 & 3.2.1 with every single firmware the Mark 2 offers and I'm still stuck. .I know its not the sensor or the board. Both are responsive and work flawlessly when I run the machine with regular firmware. Additionally, not
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