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  1. Thanks for the reply Ahoeben. I was hoping to get a good inexpensive or free printing software with Wi-Fi capabilities with my printer since the software that comes with the Davinci isn’t that great. I just can’t afford Simply3D right now even though I’ve heard good things about it and it does have support for the Davinci. Maybe I can get it next month, if I don’t find something else that works in the meantime. Have a great day and thanks again!
  2. My printer is not listed in the available printers nor under the category of other. I have a Davinci Pro 1.0. I had to add it as a custom printer and I know most of the settings it uses but I can't figure out how to get Cura to connect to it by Wi-Fi. There is no connect via network button like there is if you add a listed printer. Is there a way to get a custom printer connected via Wi-Fi? I know my printer is on my network as I've connected other software to it previously. Thanks for any guidance you can provide.
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