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  1. I have some washable glue stick I am going to try.
  2. I guess so. From a few folks on this site sounds like the thing to use, I'm gonna try it.
  3. So, Mix it very thin and just brush it on and let set? I thought I might not have the build plate hot enough at 60 degrees. White PLA seemed to work ok and Black PLA never stuck, even with the bed temp 100+ degrees. I will let you know how it worked out. I bought a pc of Bisiliocristiline (spelling) figured it would fix the issue, not. Thanks
  4. I am trying to print a model of a hot rod from Tinkercad and my printer keeps doing this. I have brand new Borosilicate glass, cleaned. My nozzle temp is 200, bed is 69. I have leveled the bed several times with no changes. At a loss. Anybody have a fix??? Thanks ctdigger
  5. is there another app besides inkscape I could try?? Thanks
  6. It seems Inkscape has an issue loading on my Mac, have tried several times but it just stalls about halfway thru the download.
  7. The end product. THANK YOU!!! Kmanstudios for making this happen. Now for the "student" to try his hand. I will certainly let you how it's going.
  8. Btulti, sorry, I forgot about that. Will try it out, thanks.
  9. Ok, so I get my Jpg photo, download it to Cura, then open that file? What do you suggest as a program to take the colors of the emblem and clean them? (remove the colors?) Is Tinkercad ok to use? I know, I should be working not messing around on the computer, it's slow.
  10. Well, checked progress before heading out to work and it looks great. I don't know what the issue was on the first one but may be I should have left it go till complete, maybe it was really ok. Any way it was at the 7 hour mark and it looks great. I will send a photo when I get home. So, can you walk me thru the process to convert 2D to 3D. I have another metal detecting "patch" I would like to convert. Would it be easier if we communicated thru e-mail? I don't want to take up space on the board unless it can help others. Thank You again for the help so far.
  11. Ok, I am going to try to print it again, hopefully it will run ok. Thanks
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