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  1. Hello again. I do really apreciate all your efforts on helping me with this topic and all your suggestions for nearly every imaginable situation, hehe. ? I did the blend in / blend out option thing already but it didn't help. I hope to fix it all tomorrow, when I'll have direct support. I tried a few of your advices but still my comprehension for CAD programms isn't good enough I guess. For nowh at least. I guess you're right about your last statement. I'll thinkbe about it next timehat, before I get going with another model. I hope you had a good start into the week! Have a good time and keep it up. Thank you againfor! - Pixelhunter
  2. Hello, Geert. Thank you for the hints and tips. Though I couldn't find a temporary file or anything similar. I guess I'll indeed create more backup files in the future. What I didn't mention in the english part of my post is, that when I open the file the model is shown in the shape it should be. Mirrored, with engines and stuff. But only for about less then a second, before it's being “corrected“. Any suggestions? Greets, Pixelhunter
  3. English version below the german one Hallo zusammen. Ich habe das Problem, dass ich eine bestimmte STL Datei lade, sie im vollständigen Zustand erscheint und nach nicht einmal einer Sekunde zur Hälfte verschwindet. Samt weiteren Einzelteilen. Das liegt daran, dass eine Hälfte der Datei gespiegelt wurde. Ich bin Neueinsteiger und finde keinen Weg, die Datei über Programmfunktionen von Solidworks wieder gerade zu biegen, abgesehen von der mühseligen Wiederherstellung einzelner Komponenten. Darum die Frage, da diese Datei schon ein Mal gedruckt wurde: kann ich aus der Slicing Datei das Modell rückwirkend wiederherstellen? Ich freue mich auf alle Antworten! Einen schönen Feiertag für morgen wünschend, Pixelhunter ________________ Hello all! I today ruined my 3D file which I already printed so I have a slicing file as well. I know I could rebuild the half missing 3D file (as the model was mirrored but as I am an absolute beginner I can't find the problems and especially solutions in, Solidworks) and also it would take soooo friggin' long. Is there a way to retrieve the 3D file by using the slicing file? Like: Transform back to what you've been made from! Oh and please don't underestimate my problem because I said that I'm a beginner. It's not a cone or stuff, but a windchannel model. So it iswas pretty relevant for me to get it back to it's former shape asap. :x I'm looking forward to all answers. Thank you in advance and have a happy Helloween. Pixelhunter
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