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  1. Combing mode have no effect. Combing mode: Off - the exactly same like before. Combing mode: Not in Skin + Retract Before Outer Wall - (on pictures down) gaps at the beginning little shorter, but still missing material at the beginning outer wall. I think in this case not help this setting, but only the shortest travel distance. 2CFFFP_valec 50.3mf
  2. I have problem, when I use Outer Before Inner Walls, then I get gaps at the beginning of every outer wall. Rest is ok. When I print inner wall first, then is no problem, but for the exact size I need outer wall first. Look like lack of material after retraction and traveling on beginning outer wall. I tried Z Seam Alignment: Random, but it just spread gaps randomly around. Complete setting in attachment CFFFP_valec 50.3mf
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