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  1. exactly. I managed to get the speed back up by typing M205 S60 into octoprints console. I won't use this Plugin anymore, simply pasting M205 S30 for example directly into the gcode of the specific layers and M205 S60 in the next one is probably safer.
  2. hi! I sliced a large 3D-Model of a Building in Cura, and used the ChangeAtZ5.1.1 Post processing plugin (experimental, i know...) to slow down specific layers. I set "Trigger" to "Layer No.", entered the Layer, changed "Behaviour" to "Single Layer" and then "change print speed" to 50% and repeated this for 11 specific layers. First it seemed to be ok, but now 5:30h into the print it slows down so much, that it is almost at a standstill. It seems to not accelerate back to 100% after the Single Layer as intended. I tried to compensate by turning the speed on the printer up, but that is limited to 999%, and even that is now about 10mm/s. At this rate this 8h print will probably take a few days to finish. a) is there a way to revert the speed back to normal without aborting the print? b) did I use the plugin wrong? hope you can help me, cheers R'N'L
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