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  1. Hi there, My company bought an Ultimaker S5 to compliment some other 3D printers we have. Whilst the S5 works great overall - we are having a major problem whereby the machine constantly says it's run out of filament and pauses the print... yet there is plenty of filament left on the spool. Not only this - but in the actual machine settings/overview on the display - it says there are many tens of meters of filament left! I am wondering if this is a software issue as the machine obviously knows it has meters of filament left... yet somehow thinks it has run out. Could someone please advise what to troubleshoot? We have lost several days worth of prints as many of our prints are 15hr+ and run overnight... meaning that if the machine stops, it won't be resumed until the next day... and may even stop again, and again, and again... We updated to the firmware yesterday and there was no change in behaviour. I am happy to upload any required log files, etc. Thank you!
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