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  1. got the exact same problem today....worked perfect till today
  2. purely coincidental, in another thread in here about the same problem, brink told that he/she had completely uninstalled everything nvidia and it worked for him/her...i was about to do the same. but before I was just going to make sure that I had the drivers and files to reinstall everything again...on nvidias homepage there was a scanner to check what hardware you were having...but it wouldnt work because my java was outdated. well I updated and on a whim i just checked cura, and it worked. Now, I cant say for sure that its java thats the culprit...but it was all I did install .... nothi
  3. after updating java everything is working again
  4. Excellent Brink, that made me go check that out.....in a roundabout way it led me to that my java was too old....long story short after updating java everything is working.....
  5. have same problem and all graphix drivers are updated
  6. I have a win 10 with the same thing on a nvidia 970 card....when I open cura I can see the top menu for about 10 sekunds then they blank out..... ive tried to localize where in pc i could find performance infarmation and tools (is it in windows?) but no luck yet.....
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