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  1. Hi Radim, not sure if you received my answer by email regarding your question: yes, the UM3 is available. Leo
  2. Selling Ultimaker 3 Extended due to switching to resin-printing. This is an original machine (no customization) with 0.4 printcores (AA + BB). Price : 2.950 Euro Very good overall state of the machine. Firmware see images (dated 29-12-2019) Testing and pickup of the UM3 extended in Belgium - Sankt Vith (triangle Belgium/Luxemburg/Germany). Requests for information in Dutch, English or German. Extra : 0.8 core AA + BB 0.4 core AA Approx. 7kg of 2.85mm filament (mostly PLA) Approx. 1.2kg of 2.85mm PVA filament
  3. Thanks, My 'confusion' occurred because the infill selected during a test with the custom support was zigzag (in my models very easy removable) while in other prints with regular automatic support the support was triangle.
  4. Hi, I really like the support type of the Cura custom support (the harmonica support that is really easy to remove), but wondered whether this is a special support type only available when using the custom support or is it also available as a regular supporttype when using the automatic support creation of cura (not creating support using the custom support option)? Thanks, Leo
  5. Hi, Is there a way to prevent the custom support-addon from creating support when it is not necessary ? I created a simple example to show the support on top of the printobject. The custom support was placed as test below the overhang (see red arrow in image). Ideal would be that the support would stop being created as soon as the printobject-wall is reached. Leo
  6. /optimistic mode on The left side where also the button is for the custom support (blocker) would be great :) Maybe when more people use the mentioned addon's (or different ones), then the neccesity of such feature will be more noticable. Thanks for your fast reply. Leo
  7. Hi, Is there an option to hide the printerbed temporary in Cura (3.5). The reason is when the bottom-part of the printobject is checked, it is not very well visible due to the printerbed drawn in Cura. Also when using the custom support-addon, or custom support blocker-addon at the bottom area of the printobject, then the same issue occurs (bad visibility of the printobject). Leo
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