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  1. Update: New Fan fitted and working. The old fan is slightly different, its 0.49W version (new one supplied 0.38W version) with bulkier blades and more free movement towards the fan grill causing the fan to hit the grill as it speeds up.
  2. I have contacted the reseller and they are sending me a fan, I have dismantled the axial fan assembly and can't see any issues other than the fan blade part has lots of play in it and suspect that when it runs the blades move towards the casing and cause the problem. I'll post again when the new fan is fitted, hopefully it will cure the problem.
  3. I have a problem with my new Ultimaker S5 printer, the printer has been failing prints (under extruding) and blocking cores since purchase, I suspected the core was getting too hot and noticed yesterday the front fan was jammed in the grill, I managed to free it up with some tweezers but the fan still clashed with the grill (very noisy). I suspect that either the blades are miss shaped in some way meaning they protrude further than the fan body or the grill has some burrs on the inside causing interference with the fan blades. If I apply pressure to the fan body through the f
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