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  1. Yeah, that is the current workaround one of our distributors is doing. Having to load the gcode and do a search and remove the line is a workaround, just kind of a pain when that line should not be put in there in the first place. I have not had the time or knowledge to fix it in the software and wanted to bring it to attention since it needs to be addressed for people using a single hotend with multiple extruders. Hopefully it gets noticed.
  2. I use 2 extruders with 1 hotend, and everything works great, except Cura keeps putting in a M104 T0 S0 at the end of tool 0's model. If I have a model that is 2 colors, and tool 0 ends and tool 1 continues the rest of the print without going back to tool 0, Cura will insert a M104 T0 S0 at the last layer of tool 0's model. This is a problem when running with a single hotend and will turn off the temp for the hotend for the rest of the print and ruin the print. Is there any way to prevent cura from inserting this command in the gcode and let me control shutting off the heat with the en
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