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  1. ScanHD

    Post your latest print!

    This was a work project that I decided to print myself. It's a really great model!! The original was going to be investment cast for a Bentley owners club hood ornament in the USA. Printed at 0.1 in innofil white pla pro1 with ultimaker PVA support. Build time was just short of 2 days.
  2. ScanHD

    Ultimaker S5 Bed Drop After Finished Print

    i've never seen mine drop like that at the end of a print.
  3. ScanHD

    Importing STL into Sketchup

    They probably sent you STL as they knew you were going to print it? My advice would be to get the solid CAD files, STP etc. and do the modifications while solid. Then you can convert to STL yourself for printing.
  4. ScanHD

    Extruder 2 layers first?

    Thanks for the tips! the only way i could get it to work was to change the lettering color to extruder 1. It was a PITA, but its working now! Thanks
  5. I'm trying to print some lettering on the first layer, but the lettering material is in location 2 of my S5. By the lime the lettering is printed, the gaps left by extruder 1 are too small for the lettering to show through. any recommendations?
  6. ScanHD

    Post your latest print!

    I've been scanning/re-designing and printing some Guitar pedal enclosures this week. The idea is to save some pedalboard space so i can fit more pedals on my board :) This prototype is printed in PLA at 0.2, but the final version will be Nylon.
  7. ScanHD

    Post your latest print!

    This reminds me of a design i've been working on that is printed in the same way. But its based on a series of hexagons and pentagons which curl up and clip together to form a ball. Just small scale test prints so far, and i haven't had enough success to try a full scale print yet.
  8. ScanHD

    Mid-Print X/Y Problem

    My S5 was about 7 days old when the pulleys went out of whack :) Screws loosen over time through vibration, especially small ones ( & especially those that aren't tight in the first place!!!). Although it may not be the problem, a periodic retightening of the screws is recommended by ultimaker. That's why they supply the 2mm allen tool with the machines.
  9. ScanHD

    Tolerance Test

    here you go... 0.2 accurate.zip
  10. ScanHD

    Tolerance Test

    had a few hours spare and printed this today... Printed with Innofil PLA at 0.2 layer height with some custom settings. 0.2 and above were free to rotate. used this custom profile 0.2 accurate.curaprofile
  11. ScanHD

    Tolerance Test

    very interesting read!
  12. ScanHD

    Furry stringy nylon layers??

    Just a quick update for those who are interested....Two very successful prints using this core, spool of filament and 130%material flow setting.
  13. ScanHD

    Mid-Print X/Y Problem

    It's kinda hard to tell but Is it shifted in both X and Y directions? If its just one axis it could be a loose pulley. Just tighten the pulley grub screw. (after axis alignment) This happened to me a few weeks ago on a large print. But for two pulleys to go at the same time would be incredibly unlikely.
  14. ScanHD

    Furry stringy nylon layers??

    It survived, and it's looking great! 9 hours to go!
  15. ScanHD

    Furry stringy nylon layers??

    just out of interest, if the nozzle was to suddenly unblock itself... would the 130% flow cause the print to fail? I'm leaving this one overnight and was considering what the risks are...

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