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  1. You have to realise that after forking out over £6k for a 3D printer i would like the supplying company to value my custom and offer timely solutions to problems as they arise.
  2. Yes. they told me they are waiting on solutions from ultimaker themselves
  3. I have to say I too am disappointed with the lack of updates. One of the main reasons i chose Ultimaker over Raise or my 1st 3d printer was their support seems to be second to none. It appears my conclusion was misguided
  4. Hello, id there any way to unclog a print core mid print? in 1 day into a 3 day print and i notice my PVA is under extruding quite heavily. i'm reluctant to lose a day, but leaving it might cause the print to fail. any help?
  5. will this also help resolve the issue of having NO network? or just allow an update without one?
  6. i was about to try to revert to an earlier firmware to see if that solved the issue, but alas! the latest intermediate firmware 5.1.93 wont recognise previous firmware on the USB the pain continues.
  7. I have the same issue. But it started before the recent update. I stared a thread to discuss it here
  8. My WiFi isn't working. So I'm screwed
  9. i notice that the update download is now no longer available by USB.... wifi only? shall i stop trying by usb then? thanks
  10. Its an S5 2nd update (first worked fine) i was using USB Thanks
  11. i have an error. "the firmware failed to verify, please retry installation" any help? *and yes i have retried!
  12. Yeah i was skeptical at first aswell. But sticking it in the oven reverses the issue for me every time!
  13. In my experience this is not the case. My filaments, especially PVA, have often become brittle, and drying them out in the oven for 6-8 hours has restored them in all cases. I've dried out my spool of PVA 3 times now and its still printing flawlessly.
  14. i will do this when the current print finishes in about 28hours
  15. im on firmware 5.1.7 and i installed this previously the wifi used to work for sure as i was sending prints via wifi a few weeks ago i have never used ethernet as i don't have a router close-by. yes i've tried everything, including re-installing the current firmware. Thanks
  16. I just went to update the firmware on my new S5 and found that the wifi option and settings are greyed out. It used to work, but now i cant get into it. can anybody help?
  17. This was a work project that I decided to print myself. It's a really great model!! The original was going to be investment cast for a Bentley owners club hood ornament in the USA. Printed at 0.1 in innofil white pla pro1 with ultimaker PVA support. Build time was just short of 2 days.
  18. i've never seen mine drop like that at the end of a print.
  19. They probably sent you STL as they knew you were going to print it? My advice would be to get the solid CAD files, STP etc. and do the modifications while solid. Then you can convert to STL yourself for printing.
  20. Thanks for the tips! the only way i could get it to work was to change the lettering color to extruder 1. It was a PITA, but its working now! Thanks
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