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  1. I need to produce a prototype (with an Ultimaker S5) that can withstand some serious mechanical stress. What is the strongest material that I can use for that? I am currently using "Tough PLA", but ideally I'd like something tougher. Much tougher, if possible...
  2. I am printing several perforated tiles. I like to print them horizontally, because that does not need support in the holes. But they take up a lot of space, hence I'd like to print a bunch of them on top of each other to save me time and nerves.
  3. Quick question. Is there a way to instruct Cura to print models on top of each other, separated by a layer of support?
  4. My UM S5 has an issue that I do not understand. When I start the print, it brings up the plate, it does the active levelling ... and then the printhead goes to the left back corner, both LEDs on the printhead stay red, and the display says "Ready to print". And nothing happens. Then I reluctantly cycle the power (I haven't found a way to do a "warm reboot"), and randomly, on the 2nd or on the 5h attempt, the UM starts printing. This is very frustrating. What might possibly be going on?
  5. I have an UM S5, and I need to better understand the relationship between printhead movement velocity and print quality. Until yesterday, I always left the speed at the default value, which I think is 45 mm/s. Then, upon reading some posts here, I stepped up to 70 mm/s. The result was a horribly clogged AA0.4 print core, with an enormous blob of PLA encapsulating the nozzle and large parts of the print core! I managed to remove (most of) the debris with a combination of hot-air gun and dental surgical instruments. Now I have reduced the speed to 30 mm/s, and the current print seems
  6. Thanks! Very useful tips. I also use UM materials, except for Dupont Hytrel which is a fantastic elastomer, incredibly malleable.
  7. Stef, what do you exactly mean with "slow speed"? How slow for 0.4 and for 0.25 cores, respectively? With which materials? I am experimenting with a lot of settings, and I am learning by trial-and-error - but I wouldn't mind avoiding (at least some) errors...
  8. I also stopped. I see no difference. The shield seems a good thing though. Less stringing, I believe.
  9. I think that it is very unfortunate that UM does not even bother to display which one of the two extruders is down. It doesn't seem too much to ask.
  10. aag

    PVA blues

    what do you think of the idea of improving the polybox by adding a Reptile Heating Pad?
  11. ...or is PLA simply not the right material? Would I obtain more strength from e.g. polycarbonate?
  12. I am trying to print some M10 screws with tough PLA. With the AA0.25 nozzle, the resolution is very good and the threads are usable without modifications. However, the screws are simply not strong enough; the threaded part snaps away from the head as soon as I give some torque. I thought that my Cura settings would be really strong, but that was not the case. Which settings are critical in order to achieve the strongest possible print? If push comes to shove, I'd even print everything solid (100% infill) but when I tried that setting Cura would still leave a lot of open space (maybe becau
  13. Thank you. Are there any Cura settings that would make a prime tower redundant? Does it make sense to print the "shield" with Extruder 1 (PLA), and would that to some extent replace the need for a prime tower?
  14. Good point. I think that I will not make any moves until Bondtech provides a plug-and-play replacement with obvious, documented advantages.
  15. Is there some specific setting in Cura that minimizes the chances that UMS5 will knock off the prime tower? This happens of course with the largest/tallest prints, which are the most expensive ones, and typically ruins the model because it gets all stringed on one side...
  16. I agree, I have no complaints from the UM feeders. Today I cleaned them up for the first time, and I noticed that they have only one knurled wheel. Theoretically, I could imagine that knurled wheels on both sides may give an edge, particularly with softer materials. But it may just as well be a marketing thing and nothing else.
  17. I have an Ultimaker 5S and I am looking at the Bondtech "feeder upgrade" kit. Did anybody replace the UM feeder with this one? Are the experiences positive or negative? Thank you for any feedback!
  18. Thank you. This is very useful advice, highly appreciated!
  19. Magnets are a great idea - thanks! In the meantime, the whole enchilada is (almost) starting to look the way I wanted...
  20. I need some design advice. I am making a parametric box out of "tough PLA". It's divided into 4 components because the footprint is larger than the print volume; the components are held together with "fingers" and receptacles; clearance is 400 microns (isotropic) which is sufficiently precise for my needs. The question is: what is the preferred way to design a latch that keeps the lid closed and (somewhat) secured? I was thinking of some sliding part, but I am unsure about the best-practice. Any advice would be welcome! The model is here, by the way: https://a360.co/2TjUQPA If you find i
  21. Thanks! Are you saying that it is not advisable to pass the needle completely through the nozzle? Even if it is a 0.2mm needle going through a 0.4mm nozzle?
  22. Are these things actually useful for unclogging nozzles? Or are they harmful? I am asking because they seem practical, yet there may be a reason why UM does not recommend them.
  23. aag

    PVA blues

    it seems to work now, for the first time ever. I am sure it is because of the bundled telepathic force of the community...
  24. aag

    PVA blues

    I kept it for 12 hours in a food dryer with warm air at 60°C, It's not really brittle, but on the test extrusion it does not make the cracking sounds typical of steam.
  25. I hate to admit that I have never been able to print any PVA with my Ultimaker S5. I have no problems with PLA and breakaway. But PVA, it always clogs the print core, immediately. I have tried BB0.4 and BB0.8, and both get clogged. I have cleaned the cores with cleaning filament until I got blue in the face. After cleaning, the PVA extrudes nicely for a meter or 2, and then it clogs again. It drives me crazy. What can I do???
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