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  1. That's very cool, thanks nallath, I didn't know about the infill layer thickness setting. I will give that a try! I figured someone must have looked at it, I just hadn't heard of it being implemented. You're right a full implementation of this would be very complex but I imagine infill layer thickness achieves most of the benefits. Great work Team-Ultimaker?
  2. I don't know if this has been tried but it's worth asking. Most typical 3D printer users set 0.2mm Layers to Balance (compromise) speed and quality. Layer adhesion remains one of the biggest weaknesses of 3D printing. Has anyone considered this? 0.1mm outer shell quality. Part-wide layer adhesion only every 0.6mm. 0.2mm inner shell, 0.3mm infill: Print time depends on the ratio of surface area/detail to volume. May be faster than 0.2mm print in some cases(?) Gcode only, slicing based on simple outer/inner/infill rules, in this example only the .1 outer shell is p
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