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  1. Hi, I have the same problem. Did you remove it? Thanks
  2. Thank you. Do i need to remove the head or just do it in place?
  3. Hello guys, I need some help. My S5 was printing very well but this morning i saw this (see attached). I can not remove anything from there now. Can somebody give me an advise please? Thank you Sergey
  4. Thank you No, I don't paint anything. This is 2 colors of PLA.
  5. We Printing Buildings. Usually it is only exterior. Please see the pictures
  6. Thank you Brulti. I see that option but i have no idea how does it work. Trying to figure it out
  7. Hello Guys, My name is Sergey and I am new Cura user. I am printing already about 3 years but i was using ideaMaker printing at Raise 3D printer. Now we bought Ultimaker S5 and I started to print buildings. Of course quality is not perfect but i am trying to improve it all the time. I am open for any advises. Also, cannot figure how to print with support but I don't how to avoid support in window openings. Can somebody help me with this please? ?
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