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  1. twuelfing

    Use custom Materials on Ultimaker S5

    bummer, ok I will redo my custom materials, this seems like a great opportunity for some improvement to CURA as this is for sure not a user friendly procedure. thanks for all your help!
  2. twuelfing

    Use custom Materials on Ultimaker S5

    so another question, 1. still outstanding: how do you edit the GUID to the material type you want? i know i can duplicate from a similar material type, but that didn't happen when i made my materials as it was not clear such a thing existed, much less it needed to be changed. 2. how do you delete a custom material? there is a remove button but its always inactive. thanks for all the fast help!
  3. twuelfing

    Use custom Materials on Ultimaker S5

    how do i check this? and where do i log a request to make this much simpler to setup 3rd party materials without causing all this trouble. thanks,
  4. twuelfing

    Use custom Materials on Ultimaker S5

    i have selected ABS in the printer, and typed ABS into the material type field of the material information field in the materials manager in cura. I have also change the brand from generic to my material supplier name. the printer still asks to override material type PLA, even though in the printer it is selected as generic ABS and in the print job my custom abs material is selected. i will go through all this a third time once my next print finishes, but it sure seems the workflow here could be made much simpler and more intuitive for non ultimaker materials. of course the easy solution here is to use only ultimaker materials, I would love to use ultimaker filament exclusively, but it is so noncompetitive on price i just cant justify it. the quality and ease of use is great, but i have good, consistent results with high quality materials costing half as much from other brands. If ultimaker ever gets the price down 20-30 percent i would likely start buying it even though it would still be significantly more expensive.
  5. twuelfing

    Use custom Materials on Ultimaker S5

    so i have a third party ABS, i should just select ABS in the printer, and use my custom material in Cura? maybe i have this wrong, but it seems to ask for an override of material mismatch when i do this. i will keep an eye on the specific behavior when i start up my print job. would be a lot more clear / intuitive if the names of my custom materials would show up in the printer for me to select when i load a third party spool. thanks for your help!
  6. twuelfing

    Use custom Materials on Ultimaker S5

    so i have a ton of material that is not ultimaker brand and has no RFID, however i am very familiar with it and have setup custom material profiles in cura. the issue i am having is that when i load the material my custom material profile is not available to select so i have to pick a generic material profile which doesnt have the settings i want. how do i get my custom material profile from cura into the printer so when i load new spools i can select the correct material and print with my settings and not have to do an over ride, which replaces my custom profile, with ultimakers generic profile? thanks for any help
  7. twuelfing

    S5 Initial Impressions

    hi! this is my first post to this forum, although i have several thousand hours of printing on an ultimaker 2. I have now added an S5 to my tiny apartment workshop. I am posting my initial impressions in the hopes that perhaps some folks have some feedback / suggestions / tips that may help me. first, i have only done about 15 hours of printing on the S5. My initial impressions are that this printer is a big step up from the ultimaker 2+ i have been using. I am EXTREMELY impressed with this machine so far, and i want to be clear my concerns while i do care about them arent intended to detract from what is a SUPER nice printing experience, so far. Rather than focusing on the many great things I want to post my initial concerns. 1. the larger diameter rods rest on turned down ends clipped into the same cheap plastic clips to the belts, these have always been a problem with my ultimaker, also im not certain the extra diameter does a ton if the load carrying surface is so much smaller, but perhaps I am wrong. 2. the web cam... where to start. its a cool idea but seems very poorly executed. a. The camera needs to be higher and angled down more to be of any use. when the print starts its too low to see what is going on, and when the print finishes the much of the bed is out of the field of view. so for short parts the camera is basically useless b. time lapse... for the love of god add a time lapse capture mode. even if you just save a still of each layer for me to assemble i should be able to do something useful with this camera c. let me stream this to the app the way i can with my nest camera. I was hoping to get rid of my own web cam hanging over the printer but thats not going to happen with this thing. My use case is that i watch my next cam on my iphone or watch and if there is an error i can shut the power down through the internet with a smart outlet. I also print things for friends and give them my nest cam link and they can watch their parts print. I had such high hopes, but this cameras poor positioning and lack of streaming, and inability to save video or pics makes is a bit silly. 3. the spool holder design is a bit too fiddly. I dont have a suggestion here but i am certain it could be easier to use. 4. would be fun if the LEDS had a bit more control, like changing the color. 5. would also be fun to have an Alexa skill so i could ask for status and be told what percentage of what print the machine is at, or how long is left. this is super unnecessary but would be fun. 6. i wish the bed leveling wouldnt do the full check for EVERY print and just do it after X number of prints or X number of printing hours.. overall i absolutely LOVE working with this printer, we will see if that opinion holds up after a few hundred hours of printing over the next month or so. i am happy to learn i am wrong about some of this stuff so please tell me. 🙂 thanks!

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