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  1. Also do you guys know if there is an option to make a raft out of PVA and print ABS/Nylon on top? My stratasys does a similar thing and it always sticks. EDIT: Forced the part 0.4mm off the bed, now it'll do 1 layer of PVA underneath. Crossing my fingers.
  2. It goes through the adhesion sheet and says something like unexpected nozzle travel. I can restart and let it go through and probe the glass instead but I don't know if I can make it print above the glass surface afterwards. Will order the Ultimaker sheets. Thanks
  3. Again, I did not expect it to stick. It is a pretty good printer but not magical! I just need it to surface probe with a cold nozzle, so my bed sheet that works 100% of the time can be used.
  4. Not on mine. Nylon was not even close to sticking. And yes, it does the surface probing hot and goes through the sheet. If it did it cold or just did not do it, I'd be golden. I've used the same sheets on much cheaper printers with manual leveling and it working 100% of the time. I will try Dimafix. joestefano The printer is good but it is not magical. ABS does not stick to glass easily. Anyone who says otherwise has either not tried it or not tried a large enough item. My problem is that it does not give me the option to help it stick.
  5. I bought an s5 recently and i'm having issues with bed adhesion. ABS is not sticking to the glass(did not expect it to anyway), even with massive amounts of glue stick. I tried putting on adhesive sheets, which I've had great luck with in the past. For some reason, the S5 does the surface probing with a hot nozzle and it goes through the plastic and errors out. Any ideas? I was planning on printing nylon and if it can't print ABS, nylon has no chance.
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