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  1. @maht I have been using CURA for quite some time and would like to give feedback primarily on the print one at a time function. I understand that you guys are trying to optimize the print one at a time function for the Ultimaker, but other 3D printers, especially those that have a moving Y plate can do much more if this function is given more options and less boundaries and safety offsets. I own a CR-10 that has a movable Y and what I (used to in 3.1.0) do is to set the first model to print on the front left corner of the plate and arrange the subsequent models backwards and right. This way, I can pack in tall models without having the gantry or the print head touch the previous ones. To unlock the full capabilities of the print one at a time function, CURA should: 1. Allow users to choose and change the print order easily. 2. Ignore gantry height option (for printers that have a movable Y) 3. CURA apparently does not allow the print head shadow to touch/exceed the printing limits. As long as the actual model is within the printing limits, CURA should allow it to print. 4. Print head shadows should also be allowed to overlap each other. If the prints are arranged properly, this should not be an issue. One more change I would like to suggest would be to reinstate the filament diameter option in the sidebar. This will allow users to easily adjust flow if a particular spool of filament is over or under spec. Thank you.
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