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  1. SandervG, Any update on the availability of the Air handler and material station? I ordered it from a US distributor at the beginning of Oct. and still waiting. Rumor is that Ultimaker is having issues with the firmware.
  2. I printed on my S5 using S3D and it printed as I expected. I am running the latest firmware. I noticed that the bed leveling routine probes the entire bed. Where is the routine stored? What would need to be done to get the bed leveling routine up-dated to only probe the area of the model?
  3. can't seem to import a profile into 4.0 beta2,. Message say's it was imported but it doesn't show up on the list
  4. Why can't CURA infill thin walls like the Master Version does? (1.15mm) With a single line? I cant imagine it is good for the structure of the printer (U5) to have a grand-mal seizure every time it has to infill a thin wall. Size text test.stl
  5. ahoeben, It seems that I have 2 sidebars showing up on my screen, one on top of the other. Only with the latest version of master. How do I get rid of your plugin? I have uninstalled/installed the master but it still shows up. It does not show up with the previous version.
  6. What happened to the layer sliders with the latest version of Cura Master?
  7. What is the proper way to stay current with your Master version? Should the old version be uninstalled first? Is there anywhere that shows the version number? About Cura?
  8. With 3.6 I want to print with only Ex2. I thought if I select the model and then click on EX2 on the left side of the screen that would be it. However I found that I had to go thru my settings and select Ex2 where ever I had a choice. This did not work for me. I had to disable Ex1 in order to get it to only print with Ex2. Is this normal?
  9. Very cool, thank you. It does not work on the 4.0.0 Master version?
  10. How do I install the plugin from my desktop?
  11. Where are the release notes on the new firmware for the S5
  12. Is there a Beta2 for 4.0.0? If so where?
  13. I understand. What I would like ultimaker to consider is offering a choice of the glass plate or a credit for other accessories. I already have a 2nd glass plate I don't use.
  14. Replacing the aluminum build plate with a 2nd glass plate (which I already have) does not seem to be a fair exchange. I think there should be an option to select a credit equivalent for other accessories or filament. The cost of the aluminum plate has to exceed the cost of a glass one.
  15. Yes, that is exactly what I see. I have a 27" monitor set at 3840x2160
  16. When I switch from Layer view to X-Ray view the Printer settings window moves to the center of the screen blocking the part.
  17. I installed the latest Ver.20181214. The release note speak to Cura 4.0 UI. Does that mean that a new Version of Cura is available? Or will be soon. Is there a beta test available?
  18. When I uncheck a box in the Setting Visibility window and the setting has a value in it when I uncheck it, what happens to that value?
  19. Your version worked Great! Here is the G code file from 3.6 UMS5_Roof (repaired).gcode
  20. Hi smartavionics, I just installed your latest build and am printing a model that last night I aborted because the infill action made me think that my brand new S5 was going to shake itself to pieces! How can I keep track of your updates? I attached the 2 files that I am dealing with. My question is could I have achieved what you did with the current version to get rid of the wiggle infill( if that is what it is). Do you see any other settings that I could improve on? I am brand new to Cura and Ultimaker. I have been using S3D for years. Thanks for your time UMS5_Roof master.3mf UMS5_Roof 3.6.3mf
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