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  1. Mh Looks like it is a Cura problem. Just sliced the tolerance test in Cura for my Prusa MK3 and printed it. Only got 0.5, 0.4 and 0.3 (with some force) free. Tests on my UM3 still running.
  2. Hi. I just bought myself an Ultimaker 3 to replace my Prusa MK3. But I have problems with the print quality. As I'm going to print many mechanical parts for RC cars which require tight tolerances I decided to compare those two printers with the Maker's Muse Tolerance Test. While the test on the Prusa MK3 (which currently has a slightly broken X-Axis motor mount) with stock profiles (0.2mm layer height) results in all except the 0.15 tolerance to get free (some with a bit of force) but the test on the UM3 shows different results. First I used the stock profiles
  3. OK will do. Thank you for your answers.
  4. No. I only have a skirt.
  5. Hi. I'm new to Cura and the UM3 and today I wondered why I can't use the full build plate in Cura. I tried to create a 200x200x0.2 square to check the level of my bed and I can't get it to slice. Even a 190x190 square I can't fit onto the bed in Cura to get it to slice. Is there maybe a setting I'm not aware of that reduces the available bed size in Cura? Greetings Saij
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