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  1. I don't see adaptive layer threshold setting anymore? Is it hiding?
  2. Yes. We are in the process of doing that now. That makes sense for future updates though. You are right. Thanks!
  3. We are using a large format printer that uses industrial controls and it runs using absolute and is the preferred method for the motion controller. I didn't know if it would be a fast thing to do or not. No worries if not. Thanks
  4. How long and would you be willing to help with recompiling the latest Cura version but with an unlimited e value? Sorry to have to ask. Greatly appreciated.
  5. Would anyone be willing to recompile the latest version of cura for me and put no limit to the extrusion distance for me? I was looking into what type of programs i would need to do this, and seems out of my league. lol. I have attempted but am coming up short. Thanks!
  6. Thanks everyone. I have a couple questions then. When I switch to 1% extrusion it takes a lot longer to get to the threshold where it needs to reset. Can the code just multiply the that e value again by 100% at the very end of the code? Maybe create a Virtual E or something? Other thought, when I run the parts through prusa slicer or s3d, these do not show up? Would I be safe to assume they will have precision issues as well but are not addressing the issue? Thanks again and I really appreciate your help and thoughts here.
  7. burtoogle, Thanks. That is exactly what Im looking for. Am i able to modify that in a text file in my cura installation, or do I need to recompile a "custom" cura just for me?
  8. Where in the programming code of Cura would be a good place to start to change when the E value resets via a G92 E0 in the Gcode. I can reduce the number of times it restarts if i reduce the extrusion multiplier to lets say %. Its definitely hitting some limit then restarting somewhere. I just don't know why.
  9. Thanks for checking. I doubled value and it still shows up in the gcode. Spiralize mode or standard, same thing...Its definitely not every layer, which is even weirder. Its almost like it hits a volumetric limit for the E value and resets throughout the whole code. Thanks again for offering up a possible solution. You never know what small change can help sometime. Ill keep looking.
  10. The E value resets many times in the gcode when it reaches E1568. It leaves defects in the parts, like Zits every time it does it. Any thoughts on a solution? Thanks Ex: G1 X516.79 Y466.91 E1556.83231 G1 X514.395 Y470.753 Z3.957 E1557.68409 G1 X511.581 Y474.999 Z3.958 E1558.64227 G1 X508.972 Y478.729 Z3.959 E1559.4985 G1 X508.648 Y479.175 E1559.6022 G1 X505.931 Y482.842 Z3.96 E1560.46069 G1 X502.772 Y486.875 Z3.961 E1561.42434 G1 X499.855 Y490.401 Z3.962 E1562.28515 G1 X499.499 Y490.823 E1562.389 G1 X496.484 Y494.274 Z3.963 E1563.251 G1 X496
  11. Hello, I have a need for manually printing a support in spiral mode 1st for speed, then printing a second part inside that part for speed without jumping back and forth. Our extruder will handle the height and clearance for doing these separately. Without having to splice gcode together manually, is there a way to do this all within cura? Thanks
  12. Is there a way to "paint or draw" a line where the z seam would go? The line could be free hand or orthogonal. This sounds difficult but figured I would ask. Nice work!
  13. Yep, I’m familiar with the minimum layer time. That doesn’t help if you want to have strong parts and to print fast on a large format printer. The recoat times of layer to layer make a huge difference in strength of the part. Ie: I make a large part and it takes 1 minute to start printing in that same spot again vs having a maximum layer time of 30 seconds, then the printer would speed up to make 30 seconds. This is really important if you are printing with semi-crystalline materials. I tensile test these results at work at different layer times and the results change a lot. The part may lo
  14. Hello, I am looking for a feature that would allow me to set a maximum layer time in seconds to ensure that the layer doesn't cool to fast. This would allow me to predict a minimum layer to layer strength. Is there something like that in Cura now that would do this? Or other recommendations? Thanks!
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