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  1. And a work around Extensions -> Post-Procession -> Modify G-Code and select "Search And Replace" as modification. Next one can do the following for correct replacement: Search: "M104 T1 S0" Replace ";Removed M104 T1 S0"
  2. Found a answer: " Yes, Cura turns off the heating for an extruder that will no longer be used for the remainder of the print (something like M104 T1 S0). If there is only one extruder and one heater, then the printer just ignores the T1 and sees M104 S0 and this then turns off the heating currently printing nozzle, causing the print to fail. "
  3. So, I tried again, manually removing "M104 T1 S0" from my g-code. Now it prints fine. So: Good: I know whats wrong Bad: Why is Cura adding this line mid-print? Summary: - I load a file with support and print everything with extruder 1. No issues. - Same file but I select the support to be printed with extruder 2 -> Cura adds "M104 T1 S0" to the g-code. Mid print the nozzel temperature goes to zero and the extruders blocks. Printer keeps going. Anybody? As I print dual feed nozzel I have all temperatures set to 200. Incl the standby once. And I use Cura 3.6.0
  4. Hi I'm using a builder3d printer with Cura. Latest version. I have some prints where the nozzel temp is set to zero while printing. I actually thought it might be a firmware protection but I recently noticed that there actually is a "M104 T1 S0" command in my g-code after layer 93 in this case. I also printed some other dual color files with similar results but at later layers. I also tried with std profile settings and got same issue. Anybody know this? R
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