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  1. Thank you for reply. I enclose today's file, because I didn't save the previous one. Hovewer, there is the same issue. This is Cura 3.6 now, but previously it was 3.5.1 (just updated today). EDIT: Also, "print thin walls" is enabled, of course. Without it, it didn't want to slice it at all. thinWall.3mf
  2. Slic3r does it correctly from the start (note that yellow means outer wall in Slic3r). Please help with Cura.
  3. Hello, I would like to ask for your help. I was going to print calibration thin wall "cube", but I already see that Cura sliced it as yellow inner walls, resulting in some walls not being straight lines, but bunch of short angled pieces instead. I attach a screenshot. If you can help me with some advise how can I set it to straight outer wall lines, I would be really grateful. Thank you!
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