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  1.   Dear Sirs,

    I have tried to 3d print vase in dual extrusion ,  as you can see on attach. Dimensions 133x133x203 milimetars. Shell thickness 4mm. Type of printer Tenlog TL-D3 Pro.Filaments material PETG.

    Slicer Cura 4.5.1.I am not satisfied with quality. The edges are not sharp and colours are not clear. Please can you help me with advice.


      Your grateful,

        Vinko Delic

    vase blue.png

  2. Hello Mr. gr5,

    I try to 3d print, in dual extrusion, two color vase as You can see in attachment.Dimensions  are 152mmx89mmx89 mm.

    Printing materials are two colours PETG. There is a problem with Cura 4.5 settings prime tower size ,

    and prime tower minimum volume. I have tried many variants of settings but second extruder  not works properly.Filament drops down inside the prime tower. Also the height of prime tower is only half of vase height.

    Please can You help me with those settings.

     Yours gratefully

     Vinko Delic

    girl vase blue.png

  3. Hello Mr.g5,

    Hello Mr. gr5,

    I follow up  my message and question regarding the prime tower size, and prime tower minimum volume, for dual extrusion.I have tried to setup several variants, but everytime without result.Second extruder works incorrect, and prime tower is too small. Please would You suggest to me how I can solve this setup problem.

    Your grateful,

    Vinko Delic

  4. Honored Sirs,


    Please, can you explain to me how I can check   and verify  g code  in CURA 4.4 , because I want to avoid big failures in printing. My printer is Anycubic I3 Mega.

    After slicing   I used  layers slider  but I did not recognized errors. I am CNC programer and have experience with g codes.

     Thank's for Your reply,

      Vinko Delic

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