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  1. During my latest print with our Ultimaker 3 the printer ran out of filament mid-print for the first time. I was using a regular official Ultimaker PLA-roll. It was an overnight print so I'm not 100% sure what happened, but when I checked the printer in the morning the printer claimed to have finished the print, so I'm assuming it happily printed on until it was done, but without extruding anything. So naturally I removed the unfinished print to try and start over. Since I had to load a new roll of filament I tried unloading the remaining piece of filament, that which is in the feeding tube, between the print head and the feeder. However it seems the feeder fed the filament out of its own reach and now it can't grip it to unload it. Since there is a plastic tube covering the filament between the feeder and the print head I cannot manually access the filament in any way. So what do I do now? How do I get the piece of filament out so that I can load a new roll? Why did it get stuck in there in the first place, surely this doesn't always happen when the filament runs out mid-print? Thankful for any and all help and input.
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