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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll have a closer look at things in Inkscape and try to adjust. You're right about the brim, after the first print it was clear that I didn't need it. Given the line that Cura now prints on the left of the build plate, I'm not sure I even need a skirt, which is what I normally do. Thanks again for your help.
  2. I'm trying to 3D print a die for use in a game designed by my grandson. Each face has a symbol engraved on it. The vertical faces print well, but the top and bottom don't. The engravings are filled in and barely visible. From looking at the top and bottom layers in Cura, this appears to be happening during slicing. Workflow is: .jpg -> Inkscape - trace path, save as .svg -> Tinkercad - import .svg (scaling 5%), add to die as a hole, export .stl -> Cura Using Cura 3.6, Ender 3 'Normal' profile except Fill gaps between walls - nowhere (thought this might be the problem) Infill 10% Gyroid ('cos it looks fun!') Initial Layer 20mm/s Combing Not in Skin Skirt Two guesses as to source of issue 1. There is a Cura setting that I need to change to keep the engraving unfilled - if so where? 2. The engraving lines are just too fine for Cura to cope. If so, why are the vertical sides fine? Any suggestions gratefully received.
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