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  1. Trying to slice the stl in https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3298282 which is a .2 thick set of squares to test bed leveling. If I set the initial layer height to .2 and slice, it uses 0g of material and takes 0 minutes. Using the pre-packaged profile for an Anycubic i3 Mega. Works fine with 4.91
  2. Hello! I've attached the project file that generates the slicing I'm seeing. I'm using the 4.7.0 release, not the beta so maybe that matters. Your project slices correctly for me, so its probably a setting that is being misinterpreted/interpreted differently/new interpretation from 4.6 to 4.7 in my project. AI3M_bee_guard.3mf
  3. Hello! I have an stl with cylinder that has a 0.4mm wall, that when sliced in 4.7 comes out as a bunch of bits of wall with gaps. With 4.6.1 its a solid wall (granted with a bunch of travel back and forth over the layer as it prints). I'm using the Anycubic Mega i3 printer as shipped with Cura. What 4.7 gives me is: bee_guard.stl
  4. Hello Trying to print the Radius mask from https://www.makermask.com/ using tree supports, and the supports are ending up starting in the air... options to change that? Running with default settings for the Anycubic I3 Mega printer, with Tree Support enable, and Generate Support disabled (so only tree supports are being used). Result looks as attached.
  5. Tweaking angles sometimes makes it go away, changing layer heights can 'fix' it as well... but I've see/reported the same/similar issue when printing miniatures in 3.6 and I think it was still a problem (different, but a problem) in 4.1
  6. That's totally possible, though I"ve not needed to set it in prior versions of Cura. I've gone through all the settings, nothing is jumping out as a 'feed rate' setting in 4.1, any suggestions?
  7. Trying to print https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3308710 with the Anycubic I3 mega profile, and the gcode produced at 0.2mm has rapid move entries with: ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F17987547480000 Z0.2 G1 F3000 E49.38377 G1 F1500 X156.72 Y30.28 E54.20037 G1 X156.72 Y179.72 E61.15892 G1 X53.28 Y179.72 E65.97552 and I'm thinking 17987547480000 is a bit large for a feedrate. Don't that that entry with the same project on version 3.6
  8. Found the "Print Thin Walls" setting that now has it printing without rotating. But since the thickness didn't change, why would rotating it 90 matter?
  9. Somewhat confused why the attached STL when sliced using 3.6 (using stock settings for an Anycubic I3 Mega, 0.2mm layers) creates a result with no layers, but if I rotate it 90 degrees works fine. TallSquare.stl
  10. After slicing what I thought was a 'simple' circle (2.4mm thick wall, with a .4 nozzle, so the slicer results -look- like 6 even walls), while printing it had some odd behavior in the center walls so I tried loading the gcode back into Cura to see what it looked like. The gcode rendering has 'bumps' in the image, and I was wondering just how accurate the gcode rendering in Cura is, and if the gcode really does have all those 'bumps' in it?
  11. Rotated the same design so the sword was in a vertical, and now I get small bits of support in the middle of the at the end of the sword as well as floating around the outside towards the hilt (as well as other places). Project attached. AI3M_Thenatarius_supports_in_object.3mf
  12. Using Cura 3.6, Anycubic i3 Mega printer, default settings (still learning) and when attempting to slice https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1711097 (the STL with 'fixed' in the name) I noticed that if I selected the .06 layer height I started getting supports that print in the air and missing areas in the object adjacent to those supports. Looks like I just happened to be at a rotation to cause it as rotating the design makes the problem go away. Attached a file with a rotation that demonstrates the issue. Thanks AI3M_Thenatarius_floating_supports.3mf
  13. Thanks, though I have yet to figure out how the model from SolidEdge is generating this .stl with a 'hole' for that face...
  14. Depending how I position the object, portions of it go missing after slicing. With the attached file in 3.6 it slices and parts of the object are missing. If I rotate it, after slicing they come back. Broken_AttemptB.3mf
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