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  1. Hello Smithy, Thank you for your reply, you are right of course, the few times I have designed my own items I had taken into account the offsets. Sometimes I just like to just pull stuff from thingiverse without the trouble of adapting it. Still I am aware my x and y axis are slightly off which does not help either.
  2. Thank you for checking it out, Snap, I really need the negative horizontal expansion because else it will print my holes slightly too small for all sorts of screws. On the other hand it already did this before I started to use horizontal expansion (but obviously less as can be seen in your second image). Guess I have to recalibrate my x and y axis instead of this shortcut 🙂 Thanks again! Kind regards, Knoose
  3. I have attached the file to a post but I think it still needs to be moderated.
  4. Hello Smartavionics, Thank you for your reply! I have attached to project file to this post. Knoose VK_holder.3mf
  5. Hi there, I am having this weird issue while slicing vertical holes, I am probably missing one setting which I cannot find so I need your help Whenever I slice vertical holes in Cura they seem to get flattened on the bottom and top making the slightly oval. I thought it was because of the experimental bridge settings but turning them off does not make a difference. Is there a setting which enables me to print the holes as they are supposed to be printed? Kind regards, Knoose
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