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  1. Wouldn’t it be very expensive to upgrade a umo+ with the Mark 2? Compared to this solution with a few tweaks
  2. This setup looks great. I’ve read through all the files and looked at the stl files. I am trying to make this work on my umo+. Since the um2 and umo+ share a lot of the same hardware. I figured it wouldn’t be too much adjusting. I was thinking maybe something like this -Print x mirrored stl files -Use the same hardware from the bom -Slight tweaks on the firmware -Do I need um2+ upgrade on the umo+ to start off with? i don’t mean to bust in on the thread but figured this would be the best place to start
  3. I’ve owned a umo+ for quite a while now and am interested in upgrading to a dual extrusion system. In my research I was looking into the Mark 2 upgrade. I was wondering if it would be possible to upgrade my umo+ using the um2+ extrusion kit. Using neotko’s guide and then just following the Mark 2 instructions for the um2. Just curious if it would be a possible upgrade.
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