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  1. Hi. I printed a file which was sliced in Cura via "print over network". But i forgot to save the sliced file. Is there any option to get the file from the Ultimaker itself since it is still listed in the print history with the option to reprint. Thanks a lot.
  2. @Carla_Birch thanks for the info. i installed the plugin. but after changing steps per millimeter for x and y even from 50 -> 45 the size is still the same. what am i doing wrong here? Thank you very much.
  3. Hi. We have a Ultimaker S5 and i did a calibration cube of 20x20x20. The actual size is 20.2x20.2x19.5 Is there any options available to calibrate the E-Steps for correcting X and Y? And how can i calibrate the z height? I see an elephant foot which i think is the problem for the z error of 0.5mm. Thanks, Andreas
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