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  1. Hi ! The user "SHUMS" from GitHub solved this issue for me i am gonna paste his solution: It seems that Cura 3.6 supplied with wrong printer settings. For WIN it can be overridden C:\Program Files\Ultimaker Cura 3.6\resources\definitions\anycubic_i3_mega.def.json (need administrator rights). Change setting "has_materials" from false to true I used word pad to edit the file and now it shows the materials tab . Hope it helps you all .
  2. Hi, I have just installed cura 3.6.0 and selected my printer Anycubic i3 mega. The problem is that no Material tab appears under the printer name so If you want to set the material proper temperatures you have to go by settings , profile , manage profile , material. The Menu tab MATERIAL should appear under the printer name above print setup in the right part of the screen just as in any other printer (for example the 4max as i show in the right pic). Can anyone help me how to mend this ? Thank you .
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