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  1. Thanks for your speedy reply,I have used the same cable for my HP desk jet and that works fine. the only trouble is that to control the printing speed I need to be able to edit the SD file but I don't know how as I am still learning the whole 3D printing system. Thanks again Eric
  2. Hi guys and gals, has anybody had problems getting your desktop to make contact with your 3D Ultimate 2 printer I load my printer with an object to print, it loads the object into Cura and shows it as excepted on the screen,the printer is warmed up and ready to go,no matter how many times I press Ctrl P it wont move although the print time and material used is displayed. I can print from the SD card but cant control the printing speed as this is sometimes to fast to lay the foundation layer to build on,even if I could control the print speed it would help but only on very limited parts,the important pen holder for 2D drawing is a precision part to print. I would be very grateful if someone can help,I a 75 year old hobbyist who want to learn a new skill Thank you Eric
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