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  1. wish it was that simple.... the one thing I am pretty sure of is that the nozzle is NOT blocked (see above)... and moreover, it can´t be a problem with the filament transport because the steppers do that noise even after I have disassembled the extruder unit and let the steppers run free... they briefly change direction...
  2. pps.: this is the replacement mainboard they offer over @Hobbyking for ~40€... I may need to buy that one, too...
  3. update... I read some posts in other forums that also mentioned the Toc-Toc in the feeder stepper motor. Many reasons were given, ranging from -once again- blocked nozzles to reduced current for the stepper to overheated filament sensors... With curious "cures" from printing PLA @265° or drilling through the tubes down to the nozzle with a 2mm drill.... Since my Malyan has no filament sensor to overheat, I replaced the complete extruder unit including stepper (forgot to mention that in my last post...did not just replace the stepper !), checked the whole of the filament transport and found no problem, since the other replacement unit (not used to print as yet) does not make any Toc-Tocs when I hook it up to try... I guess that something happened to the driver circuit that destroys the stepper... The steppers that once showed that problem do continue to do so, no matter what. Even with no filament inserted... whereas my last replacement unit does not yet. And I do not want to waste that before I know the cause... Since the replacement unit showing the problem was just ordered from Hobbyking, I took the opportunity to issue a claim describing the whole thing. Maybe they have some information on the topic and hopefully provide a solution... I hope to find a solution soon, because I desperately need to print :-(( I will keep you posted... @P3D... no, unfortunately it has not... I would have to replace the mainboard which is about twice the prize of the whole extruder assembly...
  4. Update.... Since I noticed the erratic movemets on the x- and y-axis, I replaced the stepper motors. 4 Euro each, no big deal. I was successful right away. I printed one of my items just perfect. When I printed the second part (same file, same Settings !!!) The problem came up once again in mid print... (see below...the one on top was printed immediatly after the replacement...) What was different this time was that the movement was not erratic any more but the stepper of the filament feeder made strange toc-toc-noises. When I checked, I found that I could feel the filament frequently being retracted, as if the stepper receives a reverse pulse.... This was not the case when I made the first print !!! I checked with a third spare motor which immediatly worked without problems. I then tried the very first stepper I replaced once more. Same toc-toc-noise. So the motors I have used for printing both now have the problem, the spare left does not... Is it likely that the stepper drivers of the printer somehow kill the steppers ? I am not familiar with this type of motor... Any ideas ? Do I have to replace the Mainboard of the printer ? What do you think ? I would hate my last spare to be screwed just after a few minutes of printing...
  5. The filament is 1.75...as is set in Cura. that is for definite. (...) And if it was the wrong diameter, the old models would not print ok either. Something in my system has changed. What I do not know at all. And obviously, since the print is ok @Smithy, iit must be in the transition from model to gcode on my computer.... If it is a mismatch of filament it does not show in the parameters and the false value has never been set by me... I guess I will clean my computer off Cura and reinstall the old version that came with my printer (15.0.4... I checked)... I hope the will help...
  6. I tried a similar model than the one before... Looks just like before.... I am very sure it is NOT a problem with feeding filament or any form of underextrusion. Something is just wrong with what I am doing... This was printed with the defaults I used for the cube. But whereas the cube´s layers are at least complete and the nozzle followed the infill pattern, the pattern on this one again is erratic as was the nozzle movement. I have quite ruled out hardware... the "older" gcodes still print ok. what else could it be ??? I don´t get it... what could have changed to go from "all right" tho this from one print to the next ??? and going back when using older gcode ??? btw, I checked in the gcode... at least the headers and general settings seem the same....
  7. I think I rather stick to continue testing with the cube. the print again is quite garbled in places the side with the x and the top are worst. Eventhough it was with default settings I don´t think it should turn out that bad...
  8. after having solved the adhesion issue (one of the two heating pads was defective. replaced it...all good.) I just started the print of my testcube so far it seems to work ok. If that works out fine, I will print one with 100% infill. And if that works out fine, I will try my bulkhead... As for the gcode-files, I will check that if I find a couple of minutes. But I already realized one thing: The files with the Problem are almost double in size to those that work out allright. So there is an issue with the gcode I guess. I will keep you posted...
  9. I certainly will get seriously incapacitated by the stuff if my printing efforts go on like that... @Smithy: Believe me I did the calibration very thoroughly and ist is a sure 0.2mm distance between nozzle and plate any place on the plate. Once again, no problems doing small stuff from the "good old days". I printed 2 bolts, 4mm shaft/5mm head in one go with the very last of my filament and they turned out perfect until print stopped due to lack of material. No Problem with the brim whatsoever... But to be honest, I ask myself if maybe the problem lies with me somehow. As I understand the things you all told me, all should be ok and working out nice. The initial problem turned up one second to the other, having printed one item all right, modified the model and printed as shown... (old Cura).... Since I definetly did not change any printing parameters just then, I checked the web for any Errors like that any came upon the problem of underextrusion that looked pretty much the same. So I checked my printer for that but found no hint that this was the case. even more, since the other items I had in the "old" gcode (same parameters, same filament) were printed ok... Then I thought that maybe TinkerCad (being just an online-tool) had an update of some kind affecting the STL-export so Cura might have some trouble with that... Once again looked for something on the web and found an article about bad STL-files that caused Cura to show errors in the model (X-ray view) and not generate correct code to print. I checked the X-ray view and found no errors. So I updated Cura to 3.2.1 hoping the problem might be due to some weird mismatch between STL-Export and old Cura. It turned out it was not. So I came here... Smithy took it on him to check my STL-file, even printed the thing and thus showed that the model was OK. (Many thanks for that again !!!) Now it goes really funny... Printing older items with what I call "old" gcode works out just fine. items with newly generated gcode mostly won´t stick to the plate (as I said, a thing I had with the old cura as well until... and yes, the plate is calibrated and I cleaned it before printing using just water on a heated plate !) and the one that did showed the same problem as before. Did I go wrong anywhere or do I have some wrong ideas ??? If so, please tell me. The adhesion problem can be solved, I am sure, but what still strikes me about the whole thing is the erratic movements of the extruder when the problem occurs... It does not follow the infillpatterns no matter what, be it lines, crosses, zigzag... I will -of course- check with a completely defaulted Prusa I3 parameter set as soon as I have new filament to work with... I just did a testcube in TinkerCad, exported it to STL. Added a new default Prusa I3 to my Cura, imported the STL and generated the gcode. I added STL, Cura project file and gcode just in case anybody likes to have a look... I will print that this afternoon and come back with the results... All the best. Testcube.curaproject.3mf.curaproject.3mf.curaproject.3mf Testcube.gcode Testcube.stl
  10. p.s. I just wanted to show you what the stuff I need to print is for... the picture shows the WTC for the RC conversion of a 1:72 scale model of a Skipjack submarine by Revell. All red parts were designed in TinkerCad an then printed using Cura 15.x and my Malyan m150 I3. The part I currently try to print is a replacement for the left bulkhead, currently made of transparent Acryl (which is horrible to work with). I made some prototypes of the new bulkhead before the trouble started and found these to fit in perfectly watertight with just minor corrections. The trouble actually started when I addes some holes to the model to allow for bearings to go through to the outside... *sigh* -sorry- just wanted to tell what the actual print is for... I wanted to build it cheap and quick and good... and "fast" ;-)
  11. Hi, I tried again tonight but was unsuccessful. The Settings I used (see file) are the defaults with just some modification regarding a lower speed and thicker wallsides. I now seem to have some additional adhesion Problems, since the skirt again was pushed aside leading to the usual mess... Though it still works with the old gcode-files I had the same effects with the old Cura 15-something at first until I found a small parameter that defined the first layer to be virtually printed a bit "below" the plate... I don´t remember the name but I remember the help said something about enhancing the pressure of the filament onto the plate... I could not find that Parameter in 3.2.1... an idea anybody ? Btw: I already recalibrated the plate to 0.2mm... Unfortunately I ran out of PLA now. New reels will arrive tomorrow so I have to stop for today... I hate it when I just want to set my machine to do some work, maybe watch it doing it over a nice beer and end up with "huge" problems... Really folks, thank you very (very) much for the help you are giving to a newbie such as myself !!! I will try again with tomorrows PLA delivery ;-). Update asap... All the best, Andreas Skipjack 1Hauptschott.curaproject.3mf.curaproject.3mf
  12. I will do just that ! Hoping of course that all goes well !!!
  13. both were printed in the same way. I just removed the brim from the one that was (...) from the start. The one shown with the brim was ok for the first 5mm. the other garbled from the start... Had other items printed with both partially ok and (...) from start... Does it matter for Cura that the items consist of a couple of basic shapes one on top of the other ? Can´t imagine that it does... I did not use Project files until now. Just loaded the STL, generated gcode with previous settings and done. But I will save one to upload here.
  14. @P3D: the first stage of that print is 5mm ! not just the first layer... I will post the files tonight. the STL-files was already posted in my reply to Smithy...
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