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  1. Thank you so much @gr5 this is exactly what I needed!
  2. Ok thank you, I will try that
  3. I am currently stuck on another project. I have designed my piece in Inkscape and exported as an svg into Fusion. When I am done the wall thickness is about .2 in the model. When I slice it, it does not want to print it because it is too thin. I cannot create an offset in Fusion because of the complexity of the line. Each time I attempt it the program crashes or loads forever. Is there some way I can tell Cura to just print the wall at .4 instead of redesigning my entire piece?
  4. @Smithy that is exactly what I need. Thank you so so much. It works exactly how I want it too now :D.
  5. Yes I am new to using Cura and I do not know where all of the setings are. I am just a little frustrated because @kmanstudios is not explaining where I can find those settings. The part @Smithy mentioned with the settings in Fusion is exactly what I am looking for. And when I mentioned "sketchup" I meant for @kmanstudios to model something himself and to see what I am trying to accomplish. I apoligize for not uploading screenshots sooner. I now understand where to change the settings for stop at <Z height> thanks to @P3D. Here is a what I am still unclear on 1. The sett
  6. The first is designed in fusion. And the second is imported into cura.
  7. Ahh ok, the first part is useful. But again I am doing this with one extruder. How can I change the default modeling orientation. For what I need stop at layer height will be fine.
  8. I am getting them right now so calm down. I am also making a video
  9. I did. I am trying to design a piece that can be 2 different colors. But when I import to cura I have to manually rotate objects. And I have need tell it what layer height to stop. Not to print one body and stop.
  10. Yeah I saw a youtube video for that but I can't find the settings or how to add the pause at layer height
  11. Not sure if that guide will work as I only have 1 extruder
  12. Yes the settings I a, looking for is in that screenshot. I need 2 bodies because I need it to print one in black filament. Then I am going to change the filament and print the next piece without removing the previous fro the build plate. So the 2nd parts starts at 12.5 Z height on top of the black.
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