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  1. Thank you so much @gr5 this is exactly what I needed!
  2. Ok thank you, I will try that
  3. I am currently stuck on another project. I have designed my piece in Inkscape and exported as an svg into Fusion. When I am done the wall thickness is about .2 in the model. When I slice it, it does not want to print it because it is too thin. I cannot create an offset in Fusion because of the complexity of the line. Each time I attempt it the program crashes or loads forever. Is there some way I can tell Cura to just print the wall at .4 instead of redesigning my entire piece?
  4. @Smithy that is exactly what I need. Thank you so so much. It works exactly how I want it too now :D.
  5. Yes I am new to using Cura and I do not know where all of the setings are. I am just a little frustrated because @kmanstudios is not explaining where I can find those settings. The part @Smithy mentioned with the settings in Fusion is exactly what I am looking for. And when I mentioned "sketchup" I meant for @kmanstudios to model something himself and to see what I am trying to accomplish. I apoligize for not uploading screenshots sooner. I now understand where to change the settings for stop at <Z height> thanks to @P3D. Here is a what I am still unclear on 1. The settings for where I can change "Automatically drop to build plate" 2. The setting in Fusion to change what direction the Z axis is. 3. How I can model a part in fusion and import it into Cura with the same exact orientation without the need to manually rotate and move the piece. I thank you all for the feedback given and I appreciate the further help that you guys are giving me. I still have much to learn and appreciate anything that you can help me on.
  6. The first is designed in fusion. And the second is imported into cura.
  7. Ahh ok, the first part is useful. But again I am doing this with one extruder. How can I change the default modeling orientation. For what I need stop at layer height will be fine.
  8. I am getting them right now so calm down. I am also making a video
  9. I did. I am trying to design a piece that can be 2 different colors. But when I import to cura I have to manually rotate objects. And I have need tell it what layer height to stop. Not to print one body and stop.
  10. Yeah I saw a youtube video for that but I can't find the settings or how to add the pause at layer height
  11. Not sure if that guide will work as I only have 1 extruder
  12. Yes the settings I a, looking for is in that screenshot. I need 2 bodies because I need it to print one in black filament. Then I am going to change the filament and print the next piece without removing the previous fro the build plate. So the 2nd parts starts at 12.5 Z height on top of the black.
  13. Sketchup 2 simple cylinders or even just one. Try changing the Z height and try to move it up. Because I can't
  14. I did that but it is ONE body and if I make it seperate bodies the top one moves down because it is suspended in the air on nothing
  15. So the way I designed it in Fusion was a cylinder standing vertically with 2 bodies. When I import them into cura however, they are placed horizontally and I am unable to get the 2nd body in the air. Then I need to only print one of the bodies. The one on top is where I am going to change the filament
  16. That worked but they are still sideways and now they are one piece. I need 2 separate pieces to print. But I can't move the 2nd piece up
  17. I am trying to load 2 files. On is at a higher Z height because I am changing filament and starting next file. But Cura will not position them the way I designed them in Fusion360 and they are on there side for some reason. I could really use some help. I am a little new to 3D printing
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