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  1. Hi Everyone, I tried using ninjaflex cheetah and filaflex 80 filament with the US5 for the past week. I am having trouble with it. I set the heat from 210-230 degrees; the filament extrudes when it’s not printing and prints when it’s switching to the core BB. I need some help. I worked with U2E+ with the same TPU with the TPU95 settings, it works! I have no idea why I having this problem with the US5? Any help to solve this problem will be great!
  2. okay, I understand your concern... what I meant by eye-candy, that it is unique item that will increase the benefit of US5... easier to pop-out prints and you know it better than me... I want to find out if we can get something else than a freaking glass plate...I got alerts from this tag...also I just finished finals in school...I just found out, about this bad news like 12 hours ago... without 3 days of sleep. I understanding how you feel...
  3. Hi, I do agree with everyone that aluminum plate was actually the eye candy for the ultimaker 5s. Things happen, if it’s possible to get an nozzle instead of glass build plate because I already made 2 extra glass plate from a waterjet cutter at my school. I really don’t need an extra one.
  4. How can we make sure that we get the aluminum build plate? Is there any application or link that I can apply too?
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