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  1. This is the insult. I take this with great offense. That is belittling and condescending. Exactly the tone people told me I would get here. No constructive feed back like ultradryan said and did. He got it, he understood, and he helped me understand it better. Now from what he has said, I understand it better. I am use to exact pinpoint processes. I typically work within a .0001mm tolerance and have control over every aspect of the milling. Now I understand that I need to rethink the way I need to approach these, and my modeling will have to supplement errors and mistakes.
  2. @ultradryan Thank you. You are 100% correct. I am in the milling frame of mind, and may not completely understand sliceing software and the differences between. Thank you forpoint out the differences. Your answer was very helpful and understanding of what is what.
  3. @kmanstudios I don't understand why you think you have to insult people and their "Knowledge" Yes, I am new to 3D printing. No lies about it. But CNC machines, no. a 3D Printer is nothing more than a CNC machine with a different head than milling. Like I said, if you don't like the feature that is being ask for, don't use it, but you don't have to play bully and put people down for asking for a feature they would like to use and see. Just because you have umpteem thousand posts here on this forum, does not make you the be all, end all expert in any manner. People are asking for this f
  4. Well if scaling is modeling, take scaling out of CURA all together. Take out that feature. If you want a different size object, re-model it in your modeling software. All I, and others, are asking for, is a more exact way to do scaling. If you don't like the feature we are asking for, don't use it. What we are asking for is just more exact way to do what you are doing. If you can scale by x, y, z, or %, what is the difference between that and pin point scale? As far as the comment about me not having enough experience do this, you are wrong. I may be new to the group, but not any 3 axi
  5. It is not modeling that is wanted. it is scaling feature by measurements and not just to X, Y, Z or %. I have made the model in Fusion 360. I just don't want to have to create 10 to 15 different models for every size horseshoe I get, only have have to tweak them for each print, and reprint them. One, real life, horse shoe that I insert into the print is 91mm tall, another one may be 92mm tall, one might be 25mm tall. All different sizes, but the same shape. I would like the ability to scale an a to z point, so if I say, from point A to point Z make 85mm, then the whole piece will scale a
  6. DDDMaker had the best idea for a feature. That there be a A to Z measurement tool. I am designing a base with a spot to place a horseshoe. I need to measure from the bottom of the horseshoe to the top. Not the whole base, but just the horseshoe part. If I was able to measure just the horseshoe, I could create one drawing and scale to the different sizes I need with minimal effort. Makes getting the math of percentage increase scaling and decrease scaling wrong gone. I just say, from this point of A to this point of Z make it XX millimeters long, and then the rest of the model would re-s
  7. Really would like to print this. But no stl files. 😞
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