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  1. While printing, I noticed a lack of extrusion and aborted the print, thinking it was a usual clog. However, I found that the print core on the right extruder leaked and filled the entire space between and under the the cores. I am hoping the only problem is the print cores, but I can't remove them. Can anyone help with suggestions? It looks to me like the leakage is contained by the cores, but I can't remove them even if I try to remove both at the same time since the plastic has fused them together. I am guessing that plastic between them must also be fused to the mount for the print co
  2. Does anyone have problems with the prime tower falling for tall prints like in the following Joel Telling (3D Printing Nerd) vid? Like in the vid, the Cura team has improved the prime tower default settings as it will now do a brim if the print is using one. However, I've still had problems with the tower falling. With a brim, the tower usually cracks off at the 2nd layer. I've tried increasing the size of the tower and am now printing 40mm towers, and I've increased the number of tower walls (by increasing Prime Tower Minimum Volume) to 4 (2 for nozzle 1
  3. I upgraded from 3.5, but now I can't open Cura 3.6 no matter how long I wait. I tried reinstalling - no luck. I tried removing and reinstalling 3.5, but now I can't run that either. I then downgraded to 3.4.1, and that worked. I then tried reinstalling 3.6, but it still would not open. Now, I have to use a version (3.4.1) that is older than my orevious version (3.5). The worst part is that I did the upgrade only to stop the nagging message that comes up every time one opens up an obsolete version of Cura (there should be a way to disable that warning.
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