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  1. Hello, It has been a week that i am trying to print with the ultimaker Nylon black and after 5-6 layers of printing it stop and display the error 15 on the Um3E and 31 on the S5.(I use the ultimaker profile for the Black Nylon in cura) I tried on 2 different S5 and 2 different UM3E multiples times and it always display an error. I already tried to decrease the temperature of the core but it didn't work. Any suggestion?
  2. Merci je vais essayé ça
  3. Bonjour,j'ai des problèmes de sous extrusion sur des impressions en PP.J'ai déja regardé la roue crantée,les paramètres ,la qualité du filaments et j'ai ce problème de facon assez aleatoire.Si quelqu'un a une suggestion je suis preneur. Merci
  4. Hi @Jdn Thanks for your message. We haven't been dealing with network issue ftm. Thanks, we will check filament parameters. Hi @PaulK have you tried to put the flow sensor off? 🙂 Hi @Framar, no clue how you could deal with that... Are you on the last firmware?
  5. Hi @Stefania Dinea, Thanks for your update and answer As said before I think we are running on the latest version of the firmware: (at least that's what Cura is telling us 🙂 )
  6. Hi @SandervG Thank you for the answer! I believe we are running on the latest version of your firmware: (that's what Cura is telling us). What we did yesterday: - We unloaded and reloaded the filaments and for the moment everything works. - And on one of the S5 we disabled the flow sensor. But since we've haven't really modified something, I suspect that the problem will come back. Anyway, I will keep you up-to-date if there are any changes 🙂
  7. Hi @Stefania Dinea, We've just got 5 new S5's for one week now, And for the moment 3 of them have displayed this same message... ("one material appears to be empty...") Have you got any update from Ultimaker? Or any solution to propose? Thanks in advance for your answer :)
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