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  1. Hi @Oj00, thank you, I have to tell you I have found there could be a problem from the Olimex board I say this because I did switch 2 Olimex boards from 2 printers that are the same (Ultimaker 3 Extended) and the error moved on the other printer, again I did not change the printing head cable. Maybe this information could be useful for some users, even for developers. But then again... how can this be from the Olimex board if the cable is connected to the motherboard? I need to understand more how this olimex board interacts with the motherboard.
  2. @Oj00 did this resolve your problem? I want to know if this "adjustment" resolve your I2C communication error. Thank you in advance for the replay.
  3. I have the same problem, but I found a workaround on the Olimex board. I open the Olimex protection cap and press the "restart" button which is the middle one with the printer turned on. Sometimes it remains stuck and the display shows "Ultimaker" but then I power off the printer, leave it for one minute or so, then I turn it on once more, press the restart button on the Olimex and it's all working properly. Could this be from the firmware? Could this be a problem at my Olimex? I have encounter this issue at more then one Ultimaker 3 Extended. Could this be a problem with just a series of printers or it's a general issue with this model of printer? Could this be solved by adjusting some settings?
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