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  1. I can easily see where the problems are in the stl. The ones that have the non-manifold problems aren’t really needed as there are many other similar stls out there that will print without any problems. It’s not worth my time to try to fix one. Thanks for all the good information.
  2. Thank you. I don't need any assistance with the model. I printed it without any problem. I just thought it was interesting that I never got any warnings about non-manifold with 4.5 but now 4.6 is pointing it out. Both ver of Cura printed the model without any problems. Thanks again, Craig.
  3. ShuttleBoosters.stl The file printed fine. After printing I could see where there was a hole in the bottom of one of the parts that may have been the reason for the non manifold warning. I don’t see it as a problem.
  4. I am running 4.5 on one pc and 4.6 on the other. I’ve found that 4.6 indicates a “non manifold” condition but 4.5 does not on the exact same stl. I am able to slice and print that stl from either ver of Cura. It looks like there is a glitch in 4.6.
  5. I guess it doesn’t matter anymore. The download gets just so far and quits. I’ve tried it few times but it refuses to complete.
  6. Ok, after stumbling around and banging into walls, I finally found the cura.appimage at github. I’m downloading it now. The next question is I am supposed to make it executable using my file manager or by entering certain commands into a terminal. What is a terminal? Where is the file manager.? Thanks.
  7. Thank you for your help. It looks like there should be something called Cura.appimage available. When I do a search for it in Ultimaker, the only info I get is answers from the community. I can’t figure out how do download the Cura.appimage.
  8. I am unfamiliar with different operating systems. I have only used Windows. I have a Lenovo Chromebook. I think the operating system is Google. Is there a way to run Cura on the Chromebook. Thanks.
  9. omniderb


    Is there a way to load Cura onto my Lenovo laptop. I hate to have to return it and buy another just because it doesn't have Windows. Thank you, Craig.
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