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  1. I have a Tevo Tornado it is my first printer and buying a $2500 printer was out of my price range for a first printer. There are a lot of responses to reply to, so here I go. By the way thanks all for your help. I am using Cura 3.6 I could try downgrading to 3.5. I tried marking the pulleys with tape since they are black but it was difficult to tell if there was a shift I can try again. I did tighten the pulleys but they were already pretty tight. I do not have rods to lube I have wheels on extruded aluminum for the X and Y axes and a screw for the Z axis I could lube that. Lastly I printed th
  2. I rotated the model 90 degrees in Cura and no layer shifts this is puzzling
  3. I'm still getting a layer shift after tightening the pulley on the Y axis
  4. I just tightened them up and I will try it but I would think if it was a loose pulley why the other slicer would not shift and why other prints sliced with Cura would not shift. I did reduce the size in Cura to 25% could that have any effect on the print? I printed this sliced with Cura with no issues
  5. I have issues with Cura and layer shifts. I can print some models that are sliced in Cura and they print just great but there are other models that will not print without layer shifts when sliced with Cura. I tried to print a Fang shroud from Thingiverse and I could not get it to print without layer shifts when I sliced it with Cura but I sliced it with IdeaMaker and it printed just fine. I designed another model in Fusion 360 and it will not print when it is sliced in Cura without layer shifts but it prints just fine when sliced in IdeaMaker.
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