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  1. Would you have a good database ? Too much materials here ! Thanks
  2. tough PLA is stronger than PETG for mechanical usage ? thanks
  3. Hi, I just printed my tubes with Ultimaker CPE and Cura CPE settings, I have this : Could I correct these "holes" ? Thanks
  4. Thanks XYZ for your answer I just printed a tube with CPE from Ultimaker (with standard cura settings for CPE, infill 50%, 0.2mm layer), and I have some dimensions problems : outer diameter : 22.10/22.15 for 22m on CAO inner diameter : 12.60 for 13 height : 89.70 for 90 is there a way to correct that without changing dimensions in CAO ? Thanks !
  5. Hi guys, trying to print, it seems to work but I have a lot of little wires, could I change that ? Thanks
  6. Hi experts ! I would like to have your advice because I'm a little bit lost in all the materials, I would like to print the parts in orange below. It's a electric servomotor homemade. There will be efforts in compression mostly, if evrything works fine 😛 I thought about printing it in CPE, but is it the best for this kind of usage ? Thanks a lot !
  7. Thanks a lot for your answers and your help ! I will try this tomorrow. I didn't understant that CPE was the same material as PETG.
  8. Hi experts ! I have to print black PETG with my Ultimaker S5, but there's no settings in Cura3D for it. Except the print core and bed temperature, what important setting do I have to change ? Thanks a lot
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