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  1. I have a few issues printing with my delta printer: If I print a cone and it's in the center of the build plate, it's perfect, but if I print it to the side, it's slightly skewed (linear extrude with translation) toward center . The difference is not huge but easy to see. If I print a very large cylinder, like 220mm diameter (build plate is 240mm) it is very slightly egg shaped. The difference is less than 1mm, but it's a problem for me because I'm trying to print toothed pulleys and the teeth end up being slightly over fit on one side and under fit on the other s
  2. Thanks for the replies. I missed the setting, and disabling auto slicing is much better now. I will try to upgrade cura to a newer version as well, but now my printer has a problem with the heater...
  3. First of all, cura is a great software. It allows so many parameters but manages them so I can get started easily. The biggest issue I have is, the program is extremely slow. It takes about 5 minutes just to start, and I have to close firefox before I can use it for lack of ram. I don't understand why it needs so much memory. Every time I change a field in any parameter, the whole program freezes for a few seconds. Not just for each field but for each character typed. So if I change 0.4 to 0.24 to 0.254 to 0.25 it will get stuck for 5-10 seconds each char
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