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  1. where is the home point of your printer? on mine ANet A8 it is the front left. if yours is in the center you have to set "origin as center" in the settings i found another post with the same problem as yours, perhaps this will help https://www.3dhubs.com/talk/t/centering-print-on-wanhao-duplicator-i3/4560
  2. if i print a cylinder 5mm with walls first (thats the same as printing holes, because its the ring first) then it should be the same like printing a 8mm cylinder with a 5mm hole(with walls first). it lays a ring of material (5mm) ....outside or inside?
  3. hi, yes it is possible to be pulled inwards, but due to the fact that it should be connected to the previous layer it should be a factor of the extrusion width. as the measurements are constant (between different nozzle sizes), it looks as if there is some shrinking compensation calculation going on in cura,because the outer measurement fits exactly. if there is a shrinking it should be smaller the expected. then i could upscale the object (and the holes would get bigger too).
  4. have you configured cura for your printer ? look at this https://oisec.net/articles/2018-03-29/wanhao-duplicator-i3-plus-cura-settings i have no wanaho printer so i cant say if that is correct ..but its a start
  5. when i look at a small part from the top ..i can zoom and view it if i try to zoom from the side the part moves out of the view on the bottom. so i cant view a small part (or a big parts bottom) from the side with zoom ? is my screen resoloution to small (1600x900) ?
  6. Hi, i know ..again the too small holes story :-( i am using cura 3.6.0 now ....i know there are a lot of these threads already ..with overextrusion ... not round holes ...material shrinking .. but cura does it in every version the same way ...same size ..outer measurements are ok but holes are too small i am writing this now , because i am printing now with a nozzle size of 0.1mm so the overextrusion cant be the problem anymore, and if the material is shrinking it should be also seen on the outer measurements. when i am using the horizontal expansion it also changes the outer measurements. for me it looks like there is some correction done on the outline, but not on the holes? any ideas how to correct this in the right way? ANet A8 Marlin 1.6.0
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