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  1. Interesting line of thought. I tested different simple models without overhanging parts and the support blocker works as expected. Yet when there are overhanging elements than the support blockers don't seem to work. Hoping it's a bug as opposed to a behavioral feature that needs to be developed.
  2. I wasn't implying the problem is macOS, just trying to be as complete as I can in giving information. 😉 As for the models, they've been drawn in Sketchup and I ran Solid inspector (2 plugins) checks before exporting the models. Anything more I can do to check the models myself?
  3. I have a print consisting out of 2 models and have placed support blockers on both objects. Alas when I look at both the layer view end the actual printed models I see that support is still being printed in those areas where I have placed support blockers. I have Cura version 3.6.0 installed on a Macbook Pro, macOS Mojave version 10.14.1 and am printing on a Creality CR-10S. Anybody have any idea what I can do to make the support blockers work? production-v-2.gcode achterkantje-v-2.stl frontje-v-2.stl
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