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  1. Yes it happens when I print via USB. Haven't tried to save my own files to the SD-card. I will give it a try!
  2. Did not help to delete and add the printer again and the material diameter is set to 2.85. I think the feeder is feeding too fast, can I compensate this with the "Flow rate compensation" or the "Retraction" settings?
  3. My bad. I've used Normal, Fine and Extra fine profiles and all are grinding when I slice my own models (Without any changes in the profiles). Maybe I should try another software and see what happens?
  4. Thank you! I can post a picture of a grinded filament but I think you know how it looks like. When the grinded material gets half the plastic tube the feeder can't manage to feed the filament anymore due to friction. Yes, the pre-sliced files works perfect, no grinding at all just some dots in the filament from the feeder. I notice that the pre-sliced files do retract the filament quite often but when I print with Cura there's no retraction. Could this be the problem? I'm using Cura 3.6 and the printer is 3 days old :)
  5. Hi everyone, I have big problems with grinding. It starts immediately in the printout. It only happens when I use Cura and not when I print through the supplied SD card that came with the printer. Can I download profiles anywhere optimized for UM 2+ and Cura? I am using PLA. There should be one or more settings in Cura that makes this happen because it works really good with the SD card. I have tested different temperatures, speed settings, different original profiles in Cura, etc. But there's always grinding in Cura.
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