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  1. @Brulti , @gr5 - Thank you for your replies. Perhaps the S5 was not the right machine for me to have purchased. While I appreciate all the 100+ settings that are available in Cura which can control things like fan speed and build plate temp and nozzle temp and print speeds, etc., what I really need is a plug-and-play tool. I suppose the Cura/Ultimaker combo is appropriate for those who have a good understanding of the dynamics of 3D printing and have the time to work through complications and find a solution - - or, as @gr5 has offered, relying on others' expertise and experience to walk th
  2. @davelnewton - I'm not sure which material you printed with. However, we also experienced accuracy issues and, in talking about it with our reseller, found that while Cura/Ultimaker adjusts print speed and nozzle temps for different materials, there is no accounting for thermal rate of expansion--apparently users are left to figure that out on their own. We did some experimentation here and found that, for ABS, applying a scale factor of 1.0017 (X,Y, and Z) in Cura resolved the accuracy issues (mostly).
  3. @SandervG After I set up my new S5 last year, I test-printed in different materials -- e.g., ABS, CPE+, and PC. For the work I do, (prototype molds for thermoforming) I would really prefer to use PC for its higher temperature durability. The S5 was ordered with the optional cover to retain as much heat in the build chamber as possible. Nonetheless, the results of the printed part were poor with PC, as the material sagged and slumped as it built up, resulting in a misshapen mold. I was anticipating the arrival of the aluminum build plate for its thermal properties as a better platform on w
  4. @Stefania Dinea -- I am wondering if you were able to overcome this problem from back in August (if so, how?). I got a brand new S5 and started printing at the beginning of September, and yesterday encountered this very problem for the first time. I have no idea why. It is updated to the latest firmware ( The representative who sold me the machine suggested switching off the "flow sensor", as others in this thread have suggested, but that is not a permanent solution, just a work-around. When it is printing, the prints look absolutely normal (not as though it is under-extru
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